Building Results CRM

Predictable Revenue Growth
for Construction Products Suppliers

Why Building Results CRM?

Building ResultsTM CRM is designed specifically for the construction products sales professional to drive Predictable Revenue Growth. The tool converts sales goals into a simple action plan your salespeople will embrace and improves communication up and down the chain of command. Salespeople gain the confidence to reach lofty sales goals. Your company will achieve sales forecasts.

Prospecting Goals that Produce Predictable Future Results
Action plans your salespeople will embrace
Prospecting Staging for the Industry
Accurate construction products stages with historical closing ratios
Easy, Intuitive, Productive
Your team will be up and running in minutes of training
Competitive Advantage in your Market
Easy access to calendar, contacts and prospecting data – all linked to sales goals
Implementation that Works
Hands-on configuration and training with industry experts

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